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May 19, 2019

Aerial steps with bridal shoes !!

You have already chosen your dream wedding dress, it is time to combine it with the bridesmaids! You will choose the appropriate bridal shoes based on your personal taste and style of your bridal. The coveted day of your wedding will be accompanied by many hours of standing: your dress, the Mystery, the wishes of the guests, the reception, all the while having fun but your feet must withstand it. Bridal shoes are therefore imperative to be as comfortable and soft as they are! To ensure such a feeling of relief, first try many times the ones you have chosen. You will find their rehearsal useful both with relaxing legs and after fatigue. Don't just be content with the saleswoman's words "they will open". Your wedding day should already be open, your feet adjusted, and comfortable wearing. Especially very high heeled shoes, heels or sandals should be of high quality and comfortable. If bridal shoes are worn with tights, you should also try them with tights. You may need a smaller / larger size depending on the shape of the shoe. Wear shoes that you have chosen many times, of course keeping in mind that they do not get dirty or bothered. If you would like to wear handmade bridal shoes, do market research, consult a reputable company with experience and listen carefully to their advice. To "fly" this gorgeous day for you!